North Point

NORTH: If  your looking for a nice long walk in the woods, then try  hitting up this trail.  North Point has one of the best pay off in the end, with a view that goes in for miles. I’ve taken countless friends to  this  place, and it  never  seems to stop amazing me on the awesome it its. I’ve even camped out up here, to watch  fireworks on a 4th July weekend. To this day i have to say that it  the only place where you can watch 5 different shows from 5 different places. From here you can  see north/south lakes, and the Hudson River. To get an idea on how high you are, the lake are actually on top of another mountain.

WHERE DO I START: Well remember how to get to the top of kaaterskill falls? here it  is  again  23a to RT.18 “N.Lake Rd” follow  signs for North-South Campgrounds. Once you get to the gate  your going to have to  pay  something like $6 per car, no big  deal. Now that your there your going have to make a decision on what trail you want to use to  get you to the top. Choice of 2 ways. 1; you get in  passed the gates and go Right to the south lake an  park down by the  Catskill Mt. House site, and take the BLUE trail “escarpment trail “around the whole park. This is  a much longer hike and has many more places to stop  such as Artist Rock, Sunset Rock, Newman’s Ledge. Then there’s  choice 2; You pay at the gate and  drive straight towards North lake. As you  drive,  be on the  look out  for a trail on you left side. It’ll be  mark with RED markers, that trail is “Mary’s glen” trail. Parking  should be a few hounded feet pass the trail head “park can only fit 4 cars max”..If that pass area is full you’ll have to drive to the big lot and back track. I’ll post pic and my map  for you to look at …

from red: round trip: 4.7mi

elevation change:740ft

summit elevation: 2940 ft.

Difficulty=moderate ,,,Enjoy

AndrewPhotos from latest trip 8/14/10

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