THE RUINS: Aw there’s  nothing like walking into a high class hotel deep within the woods. Well that’s what this  place  was back in the early 20′s. Now all that’s let are the  ruins of this place. located about 2 mile north of  Woodstock, and  another 2miles into the wood. It’s a fairly easy walk up a dirt like road. I’ll post detail discretion later,with a brief history of this place and pictures…..

-The current Overlook Mountain House was the third hotel on the site.

-constructed the first in 1871. The Mountain House accommodated 300 guests, and was destroyed by fire in 1875.

-It was rebuilt in 1878,and soon there was competition with other first class hotels, including the Hotel Kaaterskill, Laurel House, and the Grand Hotel. Overlook was used irregularly between 1887 and 1917, when Morris Newgold purchased the hotel.

-The second incarnation of the Overlook Mountain House was destroyed by fire in 1923.  It was quickly rebuilt in concrete, but never completed.  New York State acquired much of Overlook Mountain. The hotel was boarded up in 1940, and apparently damaged by fire in 1941. However, architectural details and a roof-top tower survived intact until brought down by a final blaze in the mid 1960s

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