Hunter Mt.

Hunter: Ok  time to get in shape for  this  one. The Hunter mt. fire tower, is by  far  one of the most strenuous hikes there is. I’ve must  of  done  this  hike  about 5 or 6 time, and twice of which was in the snow. As of  now i  don’t plain on doing this hike again any time  soon. This start out all fine and dandy with the crossing of a pretty wooden bridge, then by the end  turns into a vertical accent from hell.

NO CAMPING UNLESS: So the last time i did this hike we started out kind late, cause we planed on sleeping out at the summit. With a slight miss judgement on time we ended up doing the last 45min of this hike in complete darkness. As we summit the top in that  late September night, moon not even fully out, we tried to set camp.With a chilly wind  storm that night  keeping a fire lite was nearly inpossiable. By then next  morning apond our awaking to find a no  camp sign   posted.

This is from rt.214 “stony clove ” Becker Hollow trailhead. 1.3 miles off rt.23a
Difficulty: strenuous

Summit Elevation: 4040ft.

Elevation Change:2040
Round Trip: 6.1 ml. /3.5hrs

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