Fawn’s Leap

TAKING THE LEAP: Fawn’s Leap I would have to say was one of the hardest place for me to find. When I first heard about this  place, nobody could tell me where it was.  All i  keep hearing  was it was this  place that you could go cliff jumping at.  Luck would have it now it’s even easier to find,  with this  big sign on the side of the road. located just down the the road from Kaaterskill Clove ” the start off Kaaterskill falls” on 23a.
As you’re driving up the “Rip” you’ll notice how there’s a cross over in the  road  from the left to right side of that mountain, after you cross the bridge, look for a blue sign on the right hand side. This will be near a very tight right hand curve in the road. There’s not much room for parking, so be careful getting out.

This place was recently featured on the hit t.v show “Impractical Jokers”

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