Kaaterskill falls

The Falls: Out of all the  places I’ve been up here, I’d have to say the this hike is defiantly always going to be in my top ten. Kaaterskill Falls is the highest water fall in  the state of N.Y. It’ dual cascades total 260 feet high. The amazing part is that  people drive by this place all the time and don’t even know it’s there. Located off 23a on the Rip Van Winkle going into Hunter. Here’s how to find it as your driving up you’ll see a tight bend in the road with some little water falls, “and if it a nice day there will be a lot of people hang out there.”That’s the place. Your go to want to go drive about  1/8 mile  up  the road and you’ll see a parking place on the left. Park there and walk on down. When you get to the small falls you see a trail with yellow markers, follow that back about 0.5 mile. It’s a nice easy nature walk, and that will take you back to the hidden falls.

2nd tear :As your there you might see people walking around at the 2nd tear or even at  the top of the falls. I know  you’ll be wounder “Did they climb up that?” the answer “some might  have”  Well lucky for you i can get you there “safely“, there’s a trick. The  trail officially ends at the base of the water fall, and to get the the 2nd tear you do  unfortunately have to climb up that steep hill on the right “bring rope if  you not at  good  climber it help on the way down”, I think there might also me a trial on the left  side too .But don’t take my word on it.

To The  Top: O.k  so you want to check out the view from the top. Here’s how it’s done. Turn around and walk back out. Why walk back out? Cause hell with climbing that hill, I’ve done it and it’s not too fun. OK Ok i know you want to see that view from the top, and i said i can get you there and i will. First you need to get back to your car and drive in to Tannersville /Haines Falls. ” That’s right we’re driving to the top. so take 23a about 1.25 miles maybe “even less” to Rt18 make a  right on rt.18 and stay right and  follow signs for  “Catskill park” north/south lake campgrounds. Now don’t go to the park. you’re going to make a left just before the gate to the park on to “Laurel House  rd“, take that  down to the dead end and park, and follow the foot the trail about 1/8 mile” very easy  walk ” and it will put you right at the top. Now please be careful, there are no rope or railing of any kind “people have fallen.”  It ‘s very dangerous up there. Remember  you go at your on risk…

In the past: I’ve repelled off of this water fall back in the early  2000′s
and I’ve seen people ice climbing this in the winter.. It’s a very beautiful place, but  please be safe and enjoy it for what it  is.

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